George O'Donnell
  • Too Many Crooks

    Too Many Crooks (1919)

    Role: Walrus

  • Cy Whittaker's Ward

    Cy Whittaker's Ward (1917)

    Role: Lem

  • A Stitch in Time

    A Stitch in Time (1919)

    Role: Jenkins

  • Freddy, the Fixer

    Freddy, the Fixer (1916)

    Role: Jonathan Greene

  • Harold, the Nurse Girl

    Harold, the Nurse Girl (1916)

    Role: Henry Peck

  • Did He or Did He Not?

    Did He or Did He Not? (1916)

  • Freddy Aids Matrimony

    Freddy Aids Matrimony (1916)

    Role: Mr. Williams

  • His Lucky Day

    His Lucky Day (1916)

    Role: The Constable

  • Wrong Beds

    Wrong Beds (1916)

    Role: The Commercial Traveler

  • My Lady's Slipper

    My Lady's Slipper (1916)

    Role: Duc de Riveau-Huet

  • Busting in and Out of Society

    Busting in and Out of Society (1916)

  • A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day (1916)

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