In-hwa Jeon
  • Nae Ddal, Geum Sa-wol

    Nae Ddal, Geum Sa-wol (2015)

    Role: Shin Deuk-ye

  • Jeonseolui Manyeo

    Jeonseolui Manyeo (2014)

    Role: Cha Aeng-Ran

  • Baek-nyeon-eui Yoo-san

    Baek-nyeon-eui Yoo-san (2013)

    Role: Yang Choon-hee

  • Feast of the Gods

    Feast of the Gods (2012)

    Role: Sung Do-hee

  • Hateful But Once Again

    Hateful But Once Again (2009)

    Role: Eun Hye Jung

  • Wang-gwa Na

    Wang-gwa Na (2007)

    Role: Queen Dowager Insu

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